Taj Mahal is one of the magnificent beauty of India that was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his late wife. This place is known by several names like “An epitome of love”, “crown of palaces” and “Jewel of Islamic art”. You won’ t believe that this prestige architecture built by a whopping 20,000 labors, painters, and embroidery artists. The most interesting and recognizable feature is the white dome at the peak of a mausoleum. It is a central focus of Taj Mahal and it is said to weigh more than 12000 metric tonnes.

Visit Taj Mahal

When you enter in Agra, you seem everything ordinary, until you remind yourself that this city has world heritage beauty “Taj Mahal”. Let me assure you when you stand in front of this immense beauty, you begin to experience emotions close to the Emperor’s loves itself. I know, my simple words cannot explain the beauty of Taj Mahal, but if you are willing to visit one of the most beautiful places of India,  choose Taj Mahal tour package, it will surely amaze your heart.

The people from all over the world visit the Taj Mahal to see its immense beauty. So, spend 2 and 3 days in Agra and Taj Mahal tour package will give you the time which a leisure traveler needed to explore this beautiful city.

While Taj Mahal has many unique design and features, but one of the most interesting thing that experienced by the tourist is, Taj Mahal changes its color through a day. Orange in morning, white and slightly yellow in afternoon, blue in the evening and golden on a moon nightlight. You can Visit Also Golden Triangle Tour 4 days

In a nutshell, there is no doubt that the Taj Mahal is an iconic image in the world. It so inspired one filmmaker who is from Bangaladesh, that he decided to create replica built to scale of this famous mausoleum in his own country for those who could not afford to travel Agra could experience this beauty.

For first time visitors to India, its impossible to skip Taj Mahal because the ivory white marble mausoleum on the bank of the river attract tourist to visit this symbol of love once in a lifetime. The different colors, Quaran has written everywhere, dome, Mumtaz Mahal actual tomb, drives the symbol of true of love that loves still exits and heaven’s fort right on earth. So Plan Holiday in India

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