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    Calcium nitrite

    Product Name: Calcium nitrite

    CAS No.: 13780-06-8

    Molecular formula: Ca(NO2)2

    Molecular weight: 132.09

    UN No.: 1500

    IMDG CODE: 5181

    Implementation of quality standards: GB 28656-2012

    Content: 94-92 (%)

    Inorganic oxidant, dangerous code number: GB 5.1

    Physical and chemical properties: white powder, easily deliquescent, easily soluble in water, soluble in 90% ethanol.

    Uses: Corrosion inhibitors used in the pharmaceutical industry, organic synthesis and lubricants.?Mainly used as raw materials for cement additives, rust inhibitors, antifreezes, heavy oil detergents, lubricant emulsifiers, etc.

    Transportation and storage: Prevent heat and prevent contact with fire.?Do not mix with oxidants, organic matter, flammable and explosive materials, acids, sulfur, food, etc.?Avoid rain and hot sun during transportation.?Pay attention to moisture.

    Index name Top grade First grade
    Calcium nitrite (calculated on dry basis),% ≥ 94 92
    Calcium nitrate (calculated on dry basis),% ≤ 4.5 5
    Moisture (on dry basis),% ≤ 1.0 1.0
    Water insoluble matter content (calculated on a dry basis),% ≤ 0.6 1.0
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